Family Dentistry

At White Park Dental in Concord, NH, we are pleased to be able to serve the dental needs of your entire family.

As your family dentists, Drs. Harvey will get to know each member of your family, making your dental appointments more personalized and comfortable. Family dentistry makes your dental appointments convenient and easy. Your household can receive all of their dental care under one roof!

Your Family’s Dental Care

Whether you need emergency care, cosmetic fixes or preventive dental cleanings, our Concord dental office is here to help you. Our high-quality dental services can help your family maintain and improve their smiles. From the youngest member of your family to the most senior, we can help with the following dental services:

And the list goes on and on. We can help you keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy, no matter your dental needs.

Why Choose a Family Dentist?

Many families prefer having a family dentist because it makes dental appointments easier to schedule. Family dentistry also allows your family the opportunity to build a relationship with a dentist and dental office team. That often makes visits to the dentist more pleasurable, especially for children. Your children also get to see you visit the same dentist they do, which gives them confidence, sets a good example, and helps create positive dental experiences for your children.

Good experiences with the dentist at a young age can mean better oral health over a lifetime.

Additionally, when you share a dentist with your children, you will have more of an opportunity to get the know the dentist, which can create trust between you and your dental care provider. Trust is important when it comes to your family’s dental care. We want you to feel absolutely confident when it comes to your family’s oral health.

When Should I Bring My Child in for Their First Dental Visit?

Your child needs to see our dentist in Concord, NH as soon as they have at least one tooth. For most children, this means before their first birthday.

The sooner you can bring your child to the dentist, the better. As a general rule, children who begin visiting the dentist regularly at an early age are less likely to become afraid of the dentist and more likely to develop good oral hygiene habits that will last throughout their lives.

Grandfather and his grandchild in Concord, NHWe encourage parents to schedule dentistry appointments for the whole family at the same time. That way, going to the dentist becomes a family activity—and your children know they can count on your example to learn good oral health habits.

Our hygienists and dentists in Concord, NH are excellent with children, and our whole dental office loves teaching little ones how to care for their smiles. If you are ready to schedule your child’s next general dentistry appointment, please call White Park Dental today at (603) 225-4143.

Family Dentistry in Concord, NH

Our dedicated dentist, Dr. Harvey, is here to help your family create and maintain attractive, healthy smiles. If you’ve been searching for Concord family dentist to care for your family’s dental needs, we would love to welcome you into our dental office.

Reach out today to schedule your family’s first dental appointments or to ask any questions you may have about our dental office or team. We can’t wait to hear from you!