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At White Park Dental we strive to provide quality care utilizing technology that is safe and convenient for our patients, which enhances their overall experience.  Drs. Harvey and Bogacz are dedicated to stay current with the latest treatment techniques.  They devote hours above and beyond requirements for continuing education annually.  We would be pleased to answer any further questions you may have, please schedule your next appointment today!

Digital Radiographs

Digital dental radiographs produce a quick, detailed image that can be easily shared with each patient to explain their health.  They have the benefit of much less radiation than traditional film radiographs (as much as 80%).  Utilizing digital radiographs on a routine schedule, customized to your risk level, allows us to detect trouble early so we can be conservative in our treatment recommendations.  They are also more environmentally friendly and allow for easy long-term secure storage.

Intraoral Cameras

Communication is extremely important for the relationships we enjoy making with our patients.  The use of intraoral cameras allows us to show you on the computer monitor areas of concern such as cracked teeth, plaque, cavities, wear, etc.  This is a complimentary benefit during our examinations.  They are a great way for us to have a conversation about your goals and questions, so that we can determine your best treatment plan and preventative regimen.

Instrument Washer

We take sterilization seriously in our office. Before processing our instruments in an autoclave, we utilize a state of the art instrument washer to clean our tools, providing optimal safety.

Air Purifier

We utilize medical grade H13 True HEPA air purifiers in our office to provide cleaner air for our patients and team.  These high-efficiency units catch 99.9% of pollen, dust and airborne particles down to 0.1 mircons.

ULV Electric Cold Fogger

In addition to disinfecting all surfaces between patients, we periodically utilize a fogger to mist our office with a non-toxic disinfectant called hypochlorus acid. We like this safe addition to our protocols, as it is a substance found naturally in all mammals and has been found to be effective against a broad range of microorganisms including COVID-19.

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We are excited to say our office is open and accepting new patients! While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety and dental health. We look forward to seeing you again and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  To make an appointment please call our office at (603) 225-4143.

To learn about the recent changes to our infection control processes, please visit our COVID-19 Updates page.