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Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

November 29, 2020
Posted By: White Park Dental
older woman with dental implants in concord nh

There’s a lot to think about when deciding whether or not you should get a dental implant to replace missing teeth. One of the first questions Concord, NH patients ask is if dental implants are worth the investment. It’s an excellent question and one that could be answered in several ways.

The Cost of Dental Implants

For most people, the first consideration is financial. Dental implants may seem very expensive compared to tooth replacement methods like dentures and bridges. However, both have a lifespan of about 5-10 years before you need to replace them. Over a lifetime, the cost of replacing bridges and dentures could easily outstrip the cost you would have had if you had turned to a dental implant in the first place.

Compare that to a dental implant that, when cared for properly, can last a lifetime. And when you consider that dental implants have been around for decades and have a 95 percent success rate, you can see why they are such a great investment. 

The Value of Comfort and Confidence

Cost is a major factor, but you also need to consider the positive impact that a dental implant can have on your overall quality of life. Missing teeth not only detract from your appearance, but they also affect your ability to speak and chew without pain. And if you are currently a denture wearer or considering removable dentures, you always have the worry about comfort and whether or not they’ll stay in place. 

By pairing implants with dentures, however, we can return your smile to full function so you can once again eat all your favorite foods with confidence. With no slipping or shifting, you can go ahead and take a bite out of that juicy apple with full confidence that your dentures aren’t going anywhere.

Are Dental Implants in Concord, NH Right for You?

Dr. Kristen Harvey is experienced in all phases of implant dentistry and would love to explain how the process works and the results you might expect to see. We accept all insurances and also offer CareCredit financing to help make dental implants possible for you.

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