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In Office vs. Take Home Teeth Whitening. Which Treatment Is Better?

July 29, 2021
Posted By: White Park Dental
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Unlike store-bought whiteners, professional teeth whitening in Concord is customized to fit your needs. Whether you have surface stains caused by coffee and smoking cigarettes, or you have internal tooth discoloration from a sporting accident, we can help you. Dr. Harvey works closely with you to make sure your newly whitened smile is seamless, beautiful, and complements your appearance. 

Dr. Harvey and the team at White Park Dental trust Opalescence teeth whitening to deliver ideal results to our patients. Opalescence has both in-office and at-home options for each patient’s convenience and comfort. 

When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Harvey will discuss each option with you and help you determine which treatment is best for your aesthetic expectations, lifestyle, and preferences.

In-Office Whitening

We complete in-office whitening on the same day of your appointment so you can enjoy the instant glow of a whiter smile. For those who choose same-day whitening, Dr. Harvey covers and protects the teeth and gums to ensure the patient doesn’t experience sensitivity or discomfort. In a single dental visit, your teeth can be several shades whiter! 

In-office whitening is ideal for anyone who wants immediate, same-day results. If you have an upcoming wedding, class reunion, or vacation, same-day teeth whitening may be the better treatment for you.

Take-Home Whitening

Our take-home kits are custom-made from impressions of your unique smile, so the trays fit comfortably and securely. Unlike store-bought whitening trays, these trays stay in place, whiten teeth evenly, and don’t slide around in the mouth. With professional take-home whitening, you don’t have to worry about tooth or gum sensitivity either! 

Take-home kits are perfect for someone who has the time to lighten their teeth at home. Based on impressions of your teeth, we make custom trays and provide you with whitening gel you can use at home. Many patients achieve their desired results in one to two weeks with daily whitening. At-home whitening kits are also great for last-minute touch-ups!  

Are You Ready for Dazzling White Teeth?

White Park Dental offers various cosmetic dental treatments to turn your smile from dull to dazzling. Whether you want to erase years of coffee stains or you need a simple smile upgrade, you can trust us to make your dream smile a beautiful reality. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have about professional teeth whitening with Opalescence. 

Call us today at (603) 225-4143 to schedule your Concord teeth whitening consultation. 

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