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3 Reasons to Consider Dental Sealants

February 25, 2018
Posted By: Dr. David Bogacz
A woman smiles | Concord, NH Dental Sealants

Do you find yourself struggling to combat tooth decay? Does your dentist report that you have cavities despite your diligent efforts to brush and floss each day? Some people are more prone to cavities than others, and you might want to consider discussing dental sealants with your dentist as an option for protecting your teeth against decay.

Dental sealants are also a common recommendation form your children's dentist in Concord for kids since they often lack the skills to properly brush and floss their teeth early on. Here are some of the benefits that sealants can provide.

Sealants are Bonded Directly to Your Tooth

A sealant is flowable dental material that can fill in the pits and grooves found on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth or molars. It is tooth colored, so it's not noticeable, and it's thin so it doesn't change your bite, which ensures that chewing is still comfortable after your procedure.

The Procedure is Non-Invasive

Sealants can be done quickly and don't require the removal of any tooth structure, so they're completely non-invasive. They can typically be completed during one appointment and may not even require any dental anesthetics.

Sealants are Cost Effective

Sealants are affordable and usually don't cost as much as a dental filling. Many insurance plans cover a portion of the treatment for children, and you can see if there is sealant coverage on your plan for adults.

If you consider the cost of the many fillings that sealants are helping you avoid, they are actually very cost effective.

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