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Are radiographs (x-rays) really necessary?

We take your dental health seriously.  Visual inspection of your mouth does not provide us all of dental x rays in white park dentalthe necessary information to care for you properly.  Cavities between your teeth in flossing areas are not seen with the naked eye until they are quite large, causing the need for more invasive and costly treatment.  Bone loss, abscesses and other concerns are best seen on high resolution digital radiographs.  We prefer to give you more timely, conservative recommendations to keep you healthy. 

Digital Sensors for Your Benefit

The interval in which dental radiographs are taken will be customized to your needs and risk level.  Luckily the digital sensors we use emit a very low amount of radiation.  Four check-up bitewing radiographs = 0.005 mSv, and is less radiation than would be received going about everyday life.  To put this in a different perspective, an airplane passenger on an average 7 hour flight receives 0.02 m Sv (equivalent to 16 small dental radiographs).  We strive to provide the best care in the safest manner, please contact us to discuss any concerns further.

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