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If I brush my teeth, why do I still need a cleaning?

dentist concord nhRegular cleanings are the backbone of preventive dental care, and our philosophy here at White Park Dental is to prevent problems before they start whenever possible.

Even the most dedicated brushers and flossers are occasionally going to miss a spot. Teeth aren’t uniform, and there are all sorts of places for plaque and bacteria to hide. It’s not realistic to expect to get the same kind of results from a two-minute brushing routine as you would get from an hour with a skilled professional using specialized instruments.

We take special care to remove every trace of plaque and tartar during your cleaning so that you can have a fresh start every six months. We understand if you haven’t made time recently to get a cleaning and you’re overdue. Don’t feel embarrassed! Just give us a call and we’ll help you get back on track.

Spotting Problems

Cleanings are also a great time to touch base with your hygienist and ask questions about improving your hygiene. Our hygienists are smart and are an excellent resource. They are also highly skilled at spotting the signs of potential problems, so your cleaning is also a chance for us to identify a problem while it’s still in its early stages so that we can recommend an appropriate treatment. Contact our office to schedule your appointment.

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