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Do you recommend dental sealants?

Sealants are a conservative and non-invasive preventive treatment that can protect your back teeth from cavities. They are particularly effective for children who often don’t have the coordination or the patience to brush their back teeth properly, but they can also be used in adults who have deep grooves in their teeth or are at a higher risk for cavities for other reasons.

Cavity Prevention

The sealants are brushed on as a flowable material and then light-cured. The sealants coat and “seal off” the grooves in the back teeth, preventing the bacteria that cause cavities from accessing the area. They provide a smooth, flat surface to make removal of plaque and bacteria easier. The entire process takes minutes, and the only side effect is a bad taste in your mouth that goes away as soon as you rinse. You can eat and drink just minutes after having the sealants placed and they last for years at a time.

At each check-up, we’ll check the condition of your sealants to make sure that they are still in place.

The best way to determine whether sealants are a good choice for you or your child is to schedule an appointment at our Concord dental office. Dr. Bogacz or Dr. Harvey will examine your teeth and discuss both your own history and your family’s dental history with you to see if you can benefit.

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