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Is scaling and root planning necessary if I just want a “cleaning”?

When you see our hygienist, their number one goal is to provide you the best service they can to achieve oral health.  The type of care they provide is specific to your individual diagnosis or dental condition.  A “cleaning” is a prophylaxis in which bacteria, plaque and tartar/calculus above the gumline is removed in a preventative manner.  Some patients require active therapy of their gums due to the presence of gum inflammation and/or periodontal disease.  This is detected by taking measurements and assessing dental radiographs to detect bone loss.  In order to prevent further bone loss, mobility of teeth and potential loss of teeth, the teeth need to be “cleaned” below the gumline on root surfaces to remove harmful toxins and bacteria.  Superficial, preventative scaling and polishing would not be appropriate for you, as an individual, in this scenario.  We will work with you to provide the best therapy in our office and at home so that you may enjoy your teeth for years to come.  Please call to schedule your next appointment.

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