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Can you sleep with dentures in?

If you wear traditional removable dentures, we typically recommend that you remove them at night to clean them and that you sleep without them.

Cleaning your dentures daily with a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste keeps them looking their best. Then you can soak your dentures overnight in a cleaning solution or room temperature water, which keeps them from drying, cracking, and losing their shape.

Never use hot or boiling water to clean or soak your dentures, as it can cause them to warp. Also, avoid leaving your dentures where your pets can reach them, as dogs like the smell of saliva and are prone to chew on them. 

It is also advisable to rinse your mouth at night with an antibacterial mouth rinse to cleanse your soft tissues and keep them healthy. 

Yearly checkups with your dentist in Concord are also essential to ensure your denture is still fitting correctly and not causing any problems for your gums and soft tissues. In addition, removable dentures need to be realigned periodically to maintain a proper, comfortable fit.

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